Reception – Term 1, Week 3


  • We are inviting you to a Reading and Phonics meeting on 27th September 2023, 2:50 – 3:10 pm in the main school hall. This will be followed by a Phonics learn-a-long, where you are invited into the classroom to take part in a lesson alongside your child on 18th October 2023 at 9:00 – 9:30am.
  • Children need to bring their book bag into school every day. If they do not have it on a Monday, they will not be able to have a new reading book. 
  • Please do not allow your child to play with the resources that are on the Reception patio in the morning. These have been carefully positioned and are there to support your child’s learning during the school day.
  • Please look out for an email from Tapestry. This will enable you to activate your account. 


Thank you for inviting us into your homes to do the home visits earlier this week. 

The children have settled well into school and have enjoyed playing inside the classroom and on the patio. 

This week’s learning

We will be learning about the ELLI animals for Term 1 and 2. The first ELLI animal we will be learning about is the Owl. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children will have their first PSHE lesson this week. They will start by meeting Jigsaw Jennie and thinking about how they are unique.

Communication and Language

This week, we will be reading Owl Babies and talking about the story.  


This week we will start to learn Phase 2 phonics. They will learn the phonemes (sounds) s, a, t, and p. 


We will be counting and singing number songs, as well as starting to assess what the children already know about numbers. This will enable us to plan a curriculum building on their prior knowledge. 

Religion and Worldviews

This week the children will talk about who is special to them.

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