Term 3, Week 6

Thank you for all of your support this term. Some highlights from the last few weeks include designing, building and evaluating our Mars Rovers, learning about the history of space travel, researching how humans and animals survive, investigating a range of ‘space food’ and lots of teamwork activities in PSHE.


  • Please alert your child’s class teacher if your child finishes one side of their bookmark so that they can receive their first certificate in assembly. You can find information on our reading incentive by clicking here
  • Please make sure your child has a coat in school every day. We will go outside even when it is cold and raining.
  • Children need to bring their book bag into school every day. Please make sure the reading books come into school each day with your child


Phonics and Spelling Sessions
Adding the suffixes – er and -est to words ending in -y
Adding the suffix -ly, with no change to the root word
Adding the suffix -ly, to words ending in -y
2x sessions – Revising phonics that have been identified from assessments

We will be reading with all of the children individually to assess their book band levels.

Writing a newspaper report based on our class text ‘The Way Back Home’


Mental Oral/Warm Up:
Counting on and back to 100
Daily count
Flashback 4 each day
Learning Objectives: 
To double objects and numbers and understand that this can be written as ‘x 2’. To half objects and numbers and understand this can be written as ‘➗ 2’.
To recognise and identify odd and even numbers to 100.
To show my understanding of the 10x table by counting in 10s and solving multiplication equations including ‘x 10’.
To divide by 10 and show my understanding by solving a range of dividing by 10 problems.

Wider Curriculum

Science – Creating an A3 poster in groups about healthy living.
Music – 2 lessons. 1. To listen and respond to music from the Baroque period. 2. Explore and creatively respond to a well-known piece of music from the Romantic Period.
PSHE– Using our creative unicorn skills to create ‘dream birds’ using a range of art resources.
R + WV – Learn about a miracle from the bible – Jesus heals a blind man.
PE – Gymnastics
SHINE PE – Balance skills applied to team games

Maple Class – Annabelle

Sycamore Class – Oliver

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