Reception – Term 5, Week 6

  • FRIDAY 24th MAY – Home clothes day
    Please alert your child’s class teacher if your child finishes one side of their bookmark so that they can receive their first certificate in assembly. You can find information on our reading incentive by clicking here
  • Please make sure your child has a coat in school every day. We will go outside even when it is raining.
  • Children need to bring their book bag into school every day. If they do not have it on a Monday, they will not be able to have a new reading book. Please make sure the reading books come into school each day with your child. 
  • Please do not allow your child to play with the resources that are on the Reception patio in the morning. These have been carefully positioned and are there to support your child’s learning during the school day.

This week, the children have enjoyed learning about odd and even numbers. We have been really impressed with their ability to know how to find out if a number is odd or even. Alongside this, they have loved learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children have rewritten the story in their group writing session and many of them have decided to continue this in their independent learning time too!

This week, our observation request focus is on writing. We would love to see a sentence written by your child about the trip to Noah’s Ark Farm. Encourage them to segment the words they need into the sounds (phonemes) they can hear, and use the phonemes they know to write the words. It is ok if the spelling isn’t correct, as long as it is made up of letters and sounds which are in the word. Eg “elefunt’ (we have not taught ‘ph’ yet). See if they can remember a capital letter at the start, finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end. Here is the phoneme and common exception word mat we use in class:

You can also send us any moments that you feel are significant in your child’s learning or want to share with your child’s class teachers.

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We will be going on our school trip on Wednesday. Please make sure your child is wearing school uniform, suitable shoes and brings a packed lunch. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be discussing what it means to be a good friend.

Communication and Language 

Book of the week: Jack and the Beanstalk – a variety of editions!

We will be retelling and acting out the story in class.

We always encourage the children to engage in story times and non-fiction books in these ways:

Listen to and talk about stories to build familiarity and understanding. 

Ask questions to find out more and to check they understand what is being said. 

Articulate their ideas and thoughts in well-formed sentences. 

Connect one idea or action to another using a range of connectives. 

Describe some events in detail.

Word of the Week: document

Physical Development 

We will be further developing our reaction skills with a partner using a ball.


This week in Phonics, we will be following the Phase 4 Mastery lessons.

We will practising reading and writing adjacent consonants: pl, pr, sc, sp, sk, sw, tw, tr

We will revisit the common exception words: little, one

We will practise blending phonemes to read, and segmenting words to spell them using the phonemes and graphemes we have learned so far.

Writing:  We will be using our learning in phonics to write a class book of what each of us would wish for if we had a magic bean.


This week, the children will be learning about shapes. They will choose 2D shapes for a purpose, rotate them, manipulate them and explain their arrangements for them.

Understanding the World 

We will be observing our seeds for the final time, comparing the different sizes of sprouts and talking about why some haven’t sprouted at all! Then they will be coming home with the children.

Religion and Worldviews

We continue to explore our Big question for terms 5+6: How should we live our lives?

This week, we will hear two Buddhist stories: ‘Siddhartha and the Swan’ and ‘The Monkey King’ and learn what they tell Buddhists about good ways to live.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be continuing with our calypso music lessons, singing our Creepy Crawly calypso song and taping out the beat as we sing. 

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