Week 1, Term 1 – Year 2 learning


  • The children are going to be writing about their summer holiday on Thursday. They will share verbally with the class the things that they enjoyed doing and then write about them. It would be really great if parents/carers were able to support us by talking to their children about the things they enjoyed on their way into school on Thursday so the children have some ideas as it can be tricky to think back to mid-July!


  • This week we are going to be focusing on presentation in maths books. We are asking each child to write one digit per square and ensure that their formation of numbers is correct. Alongside this, we are going to be completing some addition number sentences and recapping previous learning in Year 1.


  • Settling into Year 2.
  • Learning class rules and routines.
  • The importance of good hand hygiene.


  • Making scales to add to our class dragon!
  • The children will each design and make their own shield. We will look at and discuss different types of heraldry for some inspiration for our designs.
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