Year 1 Week 3, Term 1

We have all had a fantastic first full week celebrating being back at school! The teachers have been very impressed with how well all of the children have picked up our Year 1 routines and we have been adapting, like the chameleon, to being back in school.

We have had a big focus on our ELLI animals this week and have talked about how they all help us with our learning in various ways. For example using our imagination like the unicorn to create pieces of artwork, making cat masks and being teamwork bees in all aspects our school life, whether it be tidying up, PE games or making bees! We have also been asking questions like the curious cat about our new topic Beegu and me.

These are our first stars from Year 1…
Class 4: Sophie B
Class 5: Isaac
Class 6: Hunter

Next week

All our plans and resources are available on the shared drive here. This is only intended for use by children and families who may be self isolating.

WOW Day – Monday 14th September

Introduction to topic of ‘Beegu and Me’
Dress up in clothes that show what you would like to be when you grow up, or clothes that are special to you or that you just feel really comfortable in.


We will continue to carry out assessments this week for reading and writing. These will take place in a practical and low key way, through various activities. 
Alongside this we will have a focus on:

Single initial sounds and letter names and th, sh, ch and ee.

Read (by sight): then, that, this, them, with, much, than, fish
Spell: he, she, we, me, be  (long ‘e’ sound)

Vocabulary: adjective, phoneme, sounds, blend, consonant, vowel, letter, word, sentence, full stop

-Identify what an adjective is and list them to describe ourselves.
-Writing sentences about ourselves using adjectives and full stops.
-Handwriting and spellings of the phonics and keywords listed above through formation and joining practice and dictated sentences.

Read as part of a group. Look at front cover details and explore making predictions, using phonetic knowledge to decode unknown words, extend vocabulary and use picture and context cues to help fluency and comprehension.


We will also be carrying out assessments this week in maths. These will take place in a practical and low key way, through various activities. 

Alongside this we will have a focus on:
-Ordering numbers from 0 to 10 (and 20 where appropriate)
-Recall of small number facts within 5.
-Finding 1 more and 1 less than a number using tens frames and other practical apparatus, within 10 (and 20 where appropriate)  .
-Developing recall of 1 more and 1 less facts within 10 (and 20 where appropriate)

Wider Curriculum

This week we will be working on our physical skills: footwork, coordination and balance. We will also be focusing on our personal skills such as being able to listen to and follow instructions as well as the resilience to keep trying and practising in order to improve. Key physical skills are balancing on one leg and being able to listen to and respond to changes of direction or activity quickly. 

With the current priority of health and well being in RE we are looking at groups we belong to. Our learning objective is: I understand what it means to belong within a family and a community. This ties in with our class book Beegu and provides an opportunity to discuss how it might feel to be an outsider and/or if you don’t know what is expected of you. It also builds our vocabulary with regard to emotions and being able to express how we feel. 

Being me in my world – Special and safe.We will discuss the places and people who make us feel safe. We will move on to use the character in our story (Beegu) to help us think about other people and how we can help them to feel special and safe. 

Ourselves – thinking about the parts of our bodies and the functions they perform. The learning objective is I can name parts of my body and know what functions they help us to perform. Optional starter, Head, shoulders knees and toes song. 

This week in Art we will be using paint (or another medium) to create our own self portrait (which will be used for a class display). Our learning objective is to know the names of the colours we are painting with and be able to select appropriate colours for a realistic self portrait. 

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