Reception Class 3

What a fantastic first week at school! We have all been so impressed by how happily the children have come into school and settled into their new classes. This week we have spent a lot of time getting to know each other, exploring our classrooms and outside areas and learning the routines of the school day, including lots of hand washing! Thank you for all your support at home that has helped your children with this big transition.

On Monday arriving at school will be a lot busier as all 30 children will be at school in the morning! We hope that our half hour window for arriving ( 8.45 am – 9.15am ) will help to spread this out without too much queuing.  It is helpful if the children can wash their hands outside but if it is busy they can do this as soon as they come into school.

Schools meals

The  younger children that had a school meal on Friday will be going home at 11.45am on Monday while the older group will stay and have their first school meal before going home at 1.00pm.  The menu will be displayed at each classes entrance, please help your child decide whether they want a hot or cold lunch before they come into school.  Please look at your time tables to confirm your child’s arrangements for the rest of the week.

Please read the following notes to prepare for the next few weeks.

Pick up times

This week our afternoon pick up times from Tuesday to Friday will be the same as for the rest of the school, odd numbers at 3.15pm and even numbers at 3.30pm. This is to reduce congestion around the site.

Class 1 – 3.15pm

Class 2 – 3.30 pm

Class 3 – 3.15 pm

Please remember to use our school one way system and leave by walking across the school field and using the gate onto the lane unless you have had permission to do otherwise. 

P.E days

Next week (w/b 21/9/20) we will be starting PE lessons: 

Class 1 – Friday

Class 2 – Monday

Class 3 – Monday

To reduce the amount of things that the children bring into school we are asking that 

on PE days you please send your children to school wearing their PE kit. They will be wearing this all day so please ensure they are warm enough by wearing joggers / leggings and school sweat shirts / fleeces. At the moment our PE lessons will be inside in bare feet so the children do not need special PE shoes but can wear their ordinary school shoes to school. 

Spare Clothes

Please provide a spare set of clothes (pants / trousers / leggings) in case your children have an ‘accident’ at school. These can be kept in their school bag.

School Bags

In order to reduce the  amount of stuff on pegs and enable the children to hang up their coats easily please do not give your children a big school bag. If possible a ‘PE style’ drawer string bag like the one below should be used. It does not have to be a school bag.

At the moment we will not be sending reading books home so your child does not need to bring their book bag into school.

School milk and fruit

School milk is provided free of charge for all 4 year olds. Just before your child is 5years old you will receive a letter inviting you to continue to order it if you wish your child to continue to have milk.

Your child is receiving one piece of fruit daily provided by a government scheme. 

Now that they are full time please provide one other piece of fruit for our afternoon snack time. This should be in a named wipeable container, except for bananas that can be named by writing on their skin!

This weeks learning…

Each week we will summarise the coming weeks learning.  Some of these activities will continue over more than 1 week.

Our full plans are also be available on the share google drive here. These are only intended for use by children and families who may be self-isolating.


Our 2 groups of children will be getting to know each other and learning to work together and cooperate in a big group. 

We will be talking and learning about each other’s  families. 

Please could your child bring one photograph of your family for our families display

We will be beginning to learn about the Elli animals that we use in school to help us understand how we learn and talk about our learning. This week we will be learning about the owl who helps us to make plans and decide what we are going to choose to do 

We will also learn about our 6 school rules and work together as a class to develop our own class rules.

Communication & Language

We will be learning to listen in a large group and to take turns in conversation.

We will be playing games from Letters & Sounds phase 1 to develop our speaking and listening skills.

We will be learning and joining in with the rhyme ‘There’s a big eyed owl’ Ask your children to teach it to you!


The children will be able to explore a variety of activities inside and outside the classroom to develop fine and gross motor skills.



We will be reading the story “Owl Babies’. Retelling the story and talking about how the owls are feeling.

We will also be looking at books, sharing stories and playing games to find out each child’s starting points.


There will be lots of opportunities for the children to draw and make marks in different ways.


The children will be exploring and playing with mathematical resources inside and outside the classroom.

Understanding the World

People & Communities – We will be learning about each other’s families.

The World –  We will be learning about owls.

Expressive Arts

We will be painting and using a variety of collage materials to make baby owls.

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