Class 5 Term 2 Week 6

Well done Year 1! We are all starting to get tired and very excited as last week we finally reached December but you all managed to produce some amazing work and fight away the cold! Our classrooms are looking very sparkly and we are talking more and more about Christmas. We have all contributed now to the big Christmas tree in the hall, each making a decoration. It looks beautiful. There are lots of different special activities starting to happen over the last 2 weeks but still plenty of learning and fun in class too! We are all looking forward to spending this special time with you.


  • Christmas Jumper Day, This Friday, 11th December – Donations for FHIS
  • Please bring in any of your angels for our installation by this Friday, 11th December. See last week’s post for link.
  • School Christmas Parties are on Thursday 17th December. More details will follow next week about bringing in food for your child. They will be able to wear party clothes.
  • Remember to click the link to plans below if your child is needing to self-isolate but is well. Please email the class email address if you find yourself in this position and are unsure.
  • We will continue to aim to get outside as much as possible so they really need a warm, waterproof coat each day.

Year 1 Learning Week 6, Term 2 – Link to plans and resources if you are needing to isolate or quarantine.

*Don’t forget to write your keywords into your Sound and Keyword book.

Phonics /Spelling/ Daily Introduction of Phase 5 Phonics:
Alternative spellings for oo : ew (grew) u _e (rule ) ue (glue ) u (unit )
HFW to link with graphemes: food, new, use, drew, blue, June
Other words: too, moon, spoon, boot, zoom, cool, root, roof, clue, blue, glue, true, Sue, tissue, rescue, blew, chew, stew, grew, screw, threw, Andrew, Matthew, huge, June,flute, rule, tube, use
Additional Phonics: Phase 5 Flash cards and recap phase 3 common missed
ones from assessments. BLENDING and SEGMENTING in every session.
Spelling: who, once, two, through
Vocabulary: phoneme, sounds, blend, consonant, vowel, letter, word, sentence

Writing: Composition – Writing Lists and Letters to Father Christmas

  • Use a question mark at the end of a sentence asking a question.
  • Use a word bank to help with tricky ‘Christmas words’.
  • Begin to extend sentences to include extra information with some encouragement.
  • Write a list using correct format.
  • Use graphemes taught so far in their writing.  
  • Using correct formation for most letters and spelling some simple CEW correctly. 
  • Use full stops correctly at the end of each sentence when not using a question mark.

Reading: Comprehension Focus – Change home books on the designated day of the week.

  • Read as part of a group and/or individually, recognising and joining in with predictable phrases.
  • Whole class reading – Concentrate on Comprehension Skill Development.
  • I can look for patterns in words.
  • Look at fluency and comprehension at differentiated levels.
  • Read accurately by blending sounds in unfamiliar words. 

Maths and Computing – Position and Direction

Learning Objectives: 

  • To use the language of whole, half, quarter and three quarters to describe turns.
  • To use left, right, forwards and backwards to describe direction.

Computing Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the functionality of the arrow keys and use them move forwards, backwards, left and right.
  • To understand how to create a simple one step algorithm.
  • To add a unit of measurement and direction to an algorithm.
  • To create a longer algorithm (list of instructions).
  • To understand how to debug an algorithm.
  • To know how to ‘undo’ their last move.

(c/c PE warm ups this week for extra practise).

Wider Curriculum

PE- Warm Up Linked to Computing – Floor Movement patterns
LO: To master fundamental movement skills.
Dynamic balance to agility – jumping and landing.
I can help, praise and encourage others in their learning.
I can work sensibly with others, taking turns and sharing.

Art – Linked to last week’s Maths – Using 2d shapes to create a Christmas Card and to create a calendar depicting the 4 seasons.
LO: I can use drawing and painting to develop and share my ideas and imagination,
I can use 2D shapes to make a Christmas card.
I understand the seasons, what months are in which season and what happens to trees and plants and why.

Geography and D/T – Follow on from last week’s work, as a year group create a model of Henleaze.
LO: I can design purposeful and functional products based on design criteria.
 I can select from and use a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks. 
I can select from and use a wide range of materials and components according to their characteristics.

PSHE – Celebrating Me
LO: I can tell you some ways I am different to my friends.
I understand that these differences make us special and unique.

RE- Where do we belong? Do we celebrate Christmas? Are our celebrations the same/different?
LO: I can ask about what happens to others with respect for their feelings
 I can take turns, listen to my partner and remember something they told me.  

Stars of the Week

Class 4 Sybil

Class 5 Billy

Class 6 Martha S

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