Term 2 Week 6

Term 2 Week 6


  • We have updated the Amazon wishlist with some items we would like to use in the last few weeks of this term. They are labelled ‘Year 2 Christmas craft’. Thank you in advance, we really appreciate it. Please click here to see the Amazon wishlist. 
  • As Christmas approaches, children will be thinking about writing cards. Due to restrictions this year, we are afraid to say that children won’t be able to swap cards with each other. As an alternative, we have suggested that children write one card to the whole class to display in the classroom. This avoids items going back and forth between homes, reducing the risk of transmission.

Celebrations from week 5

This week we have been amazed by the childrens perseverance in writing with their retelling of The Princess and The Pea story. They have been so creative with their word choices and it is wonderful to see all their Year 2 skills being developed to produce such fantastic stories. Well done to them! We have also been impressed with how they have understood the challenging concept of division, this was greatly supported by lots of practical lessons using concrete resources to enhance their learning. Finally we really enjoyed this week carrying out our ice experiment to free some unfortunate explorers from an iceberg! Most children successfully predicted heat would be the quickest way to free the frozen explorers, closely followed by salt which led to interesting discussions about dissolving.  

Week 6


We have two really special tasks for writing this week! First, using our Religious Education learning, we will sequence and retell the nativity story. 

Second, we will be thinking about seasonal changes to write poems about the four seasons. We will work together to create banks of vocabulary to support our writing, including lots of interesting verbs and adjectives. We will also challenge ourselves to use a simile in each of our verses. We will then publish our poems and turn them into some beautiful artwork.


This week in maths we are continuing our block of learning about multiplication and division. The children are going to use their knowledge of the 5 and 10 times tables to divide by 5 and 10. They will consolidate their previous learning by solving division and multiplication problems. We will also be assessing the children’s knowledge of multiplication and division to inform our future planning.

You can support this at home by:

  • Sharing food, toys, objects etc between people. For example, if you were eating some raspberries and there are 3 people in your family. First, ask your child how many altogether. Now we are going to share them equally between the 3 of us. How many do we have each? Can you write a division number sentence to show what we have done? Do you know any related multiplication facts too? 
  • Playing ‘Table Trainer’ on Number Gym. These will support them to develop fluency. The games to play are: 
    • Mixed products 2,5,10
    • Mixed factors 2,5,10. 
    • Divisions 3,5,4,10. 
    • Please contact your class teacher via the class email address if you have forgotten your child’s log in details. 
  • Continuing to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Quickly recalling multiplication and division facts.


In music this week we will be exploring the sounds of winter using different rhythms and beats on different instruments. We will also be practising the singing of our Christmas song Feliz Navidad for our whole school, recorded, singing session in week 7. 

We will also be thinking about our role as citizens on this planet and how our actions have implications for the wider society and the world. We will be linking this to our learning about the Arctic by thinking how climate change is impacting the animals and people living in the Polar continents and what we can do about it. 

Stars of the Week:

Class 7 – Sophie

Class 8 – Flo

Class 9 – Cindy

Please click here for the learning for week 6 if you are self isolating.

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