Frequently asked questions during the third lockdown

Q. If my child had a place in school during Term 3 will they have a place during lockdown in Term 4?

A. All families where there are two critical workers (or single parent households with one critical worker) with an essential childcare need are eligible for a place in school. Any child in this category, or the ‘vulnerable’ category who was in school during Term 3 is expected in school in Term 4 on the days previously agreed until school re-opens to all children. If your child was not in school in Term 3 and you fit the duel critical worker category and need essential childcare, please contact the school.

Q. When will more children be returning to school?

A. As of 4.2.21 schools have not been given any further information about when schools will re-open to pupil other than vulnerable children and those with key worker families

Q. How can I access my child’s credentials for Google Classroom so that they can join Google Meets (for those not attending school) and submit learning (any children who are not in school full-time)

A. Follow the link here entering your child’s registered name and their date of birth without spaces or symbols e.g. Samuel Smith 010105

Q. Will there be support for free school meal pupils not in school?
A. Vouchers are due to be made available from Monday 18th January. These will be emailed to eligible parents.

Q. How can I support my child’s home learning?
A. All home learning will be posted on the class blogs on the website. If you have any urgent queries, please email teaching staff directly via the class email address (class and number followed by e.g. Teachers are also working is school, so may not be able to respond within a short time-scale.

Q. How do I submit learning via Google classroom?

A. The simplest way is to download the free Google Classroom app to your smartphone. Key Tasks are set as assignments for your child. These need to be ‘turned in’ typically by uploading photographs (or edited worksheets if the assignment requires) to your child’s Google Classroom.

Q. How can I find out when my child’s Google Meet is scheduled
A. Log into their meeting schedule at here

Q. Why are Henleaze Infant School not providing live lessons?

A. Using our extensive knowledge of teaching and learning needs of Infant children, we have chosen a range of appropriate, alternative learning methods. There are many age-related engagement issues as well as access issues that mean live lessons are not the most effective approach for our children. For more information see our Contingency Plan in the Learning at Home/Policies section of this website. For DFe funded research into effective home learning click here.

Q. Will Breakfast Club be available?
A. Yes, this will be available for those with an essential childcare need in order to fulfill frontline responsibilities. Places are limited and must be booked and paid for in advance.
To book a place please email uk.

Q. Will Schools Out Henleaze be available?
Schools Out Henleaze is open and will run during the February half term for children of critical workers

Q. What is the priority for allocating school places for key worker children?
A. Order of priority is as follows:
1) Vulnerable children
2) Dual critical worker parents or you are a single parent who is also a key worker.

Q. What proof is required of key worker status?
A. Unless we already have evidence from you during the previous closure, we require confirmation of your status on letter headed paper from your employer, including contact details should we need to speak to them. We would ask you to send this via email to with the subject heading proof of key worker status.

Your role should be working in the front line supporting the fight against Covid-19.

If you have been allocated a place in school for your child you will be contacted by us with the details.

Q. What if I have not yet been offered a place for my child?
A. The school is aware of a number of new requests for pupil places. These are being reviewed regularly by the Senior Leadership team. We have a record of requests. We will continue to review our arrangements based on guidance and will contact parents if the situation changes.

Q. What are the arrangements for school opening for pupils of key worker families?
A. Pupils should arrive at 8.45am. The school day will end at 3.15pm. A place will be available for your child Monday to Friday. If they are unable to attend, you will need to ring the school office and notify us of the reason for their absence.

Q. Will school lunches be provided?
A. Yes

Q. Why are the G Suite credentials not recognised when trying to access Google Script?
A. We are aware that some families are experiencing difficulties. When retrieving children’s credentials for Google Classroom:
1) Make sure the name you give is the one you registered with school (not the known as name) e.g. Thomas not Tommy
2) Don’t use / or . between the date of birth e.g. 080116
3) Contact the school via email if you still doesn’t work (email

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