Reception – Term 1, Week 3


  • Please remember to send your child to school everyday with a coat. We like to go outside in all weathers. 
  • Please return your child’s/children’s drawing and the ‘All About Me’ sheet that were given to you when you visited school with your child. 
  • We are going to be putting some information on our blog about reading at Henleaze Infant School. We are then inviting you to ask questions about the information provided between 3pm and 3:20pm on Tuesday 21st September. This session will take place on the Reception patio before you pick your child up. 
  • Please provide your child with a PE kit to keep on their peg by 1st October. 

Week 2 Celebrations

We have really enjoyed meeting you at the school visits and getting to know you and your child/children. The children have really enjoyed getting to know their key adults and finding their way around the reception environment. They have started to learn the rules and routines for school.

Please scroll to the bottom of this blog post to see more photographs.

Week 3

This week, we will continue to get to know your child and will be focusing on building relationships with them, as well as supporting them to make positive relationships with their peers. 

Each class will have one day this week where they will stay for lunch. The lunch options will be a hot dinner (please see menu), jacket potato or wraps (ham, tuna or cheese). Please talk to your child/children about what they might like to eat in the morning before school. This will help them to make a decision. 

We will introduce the ELLI animals to the children this week and be focusing on the Owl. We will introduce the Owl using the Owl Babies story. The Owl has the ability to look ahead and make plans. To find out more about our ELLI animals, please click here

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be looking at your child’s All About Me sheet that you have filled in with them. We will also talk about how every child at Henleaze Infant School is unique. 

Communication and Language

The children will be listening to and engaging with the Owl Babies story. We will sequence the main events of the story and retell it to our new friends. 

Physical Development

The children will be visiting the hall this week and following instructions in a large space. They will be moving around the hall in different ways and using their bodies to make shapes. During this time, they will be thinking about using the space safely. 


We are starting to learn phonics this week. We will be teaching the children the phonemes s, a, t and p. The children will learn these phonemes (sounds) and practise writing them in isolation. 


This week, we will be playing whole class maths games with the children and counting to 10. We will do this in lots of different fun ways, including singing songs and counting objects and actions. 

Understanding the World

This week, we will encourage children to talk about what pre-school was like and how school is similar and different. Alongside this, we will be supporting children to listen to each other’s home and community news and be thinking about how our families are the same and different. We will be using pictures to discuss different types of owls and practise related vocabulary.

Religion and Worldviews

The children will be thinking about who is special to them and about the members of their families. 

Expressive Arts and Design

Over the next two weeks, all children will make an owl using a paper plate that will go on display in the main hall. Children will continue to use their imaginations to create beautiful pieces of artwork during independent learning times. 

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