Year 1 Learning Term 1 Week 3

Thank you to you all for helping to support your children in their return to school and to start Year 1 so positively. We all had an amazing week last week (and hot!). You played your part in supporting this. We could not have hoped for a better start to the year. We are all looking forward to the year ahead with your children.

Year 1 WOW day – Monday, 13th September

We will be having a WOW day on Monday  to help kickstart our new topic. The children are invited  to dress in clothes showing what they might want to be when they are older or just clothes that they feel special or comfortable in. We will be looking at ourselves and what makes us special. To follow guidance we ask that children do not bring in large props or masks.


  • Remember that Thursday 16th September this week is a brief meeting time just before pick up at 3pm – 3:20pm on the Class 4/5 patio. We will introduce the Year 1 team and answer any questions about the information given on our blog to welcome you to Year 1 last week. More information about our Curriculum and our Learning this year will follow at a later date.
  • Children will change for their PE sessions so please make sure that children’s PE kits are in school on their pegs. They need a white T-shirt, black shorts and a change of shoes, pumps or trainers.
  • All children should now have brought home reading books, both decodable and a book to share for pleasure with a grown up. These will be changed each week. Your child will be assessed on their phonics this week, informally to help aid our planning.
  • You will find below a grid showing the sessions to be taught each week. They do not exactly follow days as each class has different sessions due to support and PE times being different but it allows you to see the week as a snapshot of sessions..  

We will always aim to get outside, whatever the weather, as much as possible so children will really need a waterproof coat each day.

Daily Well Being Activities

Monday – Connect – Throw an imaginary ball (or a treat of your choice) to a friend and call out their name
Tuesday – Take Notice- Make a feelings wheel and move the pointer to show us how you’re feeling
Wednesday – Be Active – Try some Yoga poses
Thursday – Keep Learning – Tell us about a new toy or activity you have tried
Friday – Give –
What’s your favourite food?


Revision on Phase 3 and 4 Phonics (Taught in Reception): Phonics Assessments to be carried out
Blending to read words containing adjacent consonants and digraphs:
E.g. Tenth, chunk, burst
Revisit CEW: like, so, do
Teach adding the suffix –ing to verbs: E.g jumping, playing, drinking
Blending for reading:  E.g praying, prowling, crowning
Segmenting for spelling: E.g. growling, frowning
Write a dictated sentence: E.g I like singing to the crowd.

Handwriting: Using graphemes revisited in phonics and words using s and es for plurals. Complete a dictated sentence. Look at Caterpillar Family Formation Sheet – Letters that all start in the same place.
Writing:  WOW DAY  – Write a caption to go with a picture of yourself from the WOW day.
ELLI WRITING – Write about the ELLI animal they feel most like when they are learning. Children are encouraged to write why they feel they work most like the animal they have chosen. All children will be encouraged to say each sentence out loud before writing it down. Curious Cats – Explore questions that we may have about ‘BEEGU’. Introduce the character but without reading the story. How do we finish a question? Look at the use of a Question mark. These questions will be displayed in the classroom.


Recall of addition facts within 4 (every day)
Counting forwards and backwards from any number within 20.
Fill in missing numbers on number line or number track.
Number recognition within 10 (and 20).
Physical counting out so many claps/jumps/stamps
Fast fingers

Learning Objectives:
Count, read and write numbers to 10 in numerals and words
To represent numbers to 10 in different ways, using objects and pictorial representations.
Count to 10, forwards and backwards beginning with 1 or 0 from any given number 
To count out objects accurately using 1:1 correspondence to 10 (and 20).
To compare numbers using the language greater than and less than and equal (as well as the symbols >, < and =)

Wider Curriculum

PE- SHINE Outside Session – Team Games
Jasmine PE – Fundamental Movement Skills: Footwork Patterns and One Leg Balance

PSHE – It’s Good to be Me!
I can identify the different styles of learning and how these can help me to learn (ELLI)
I know how to keep myself. Friends and grown ups safe – distance, handwashing, following our agreed rules.

R+WV – Religion and World Views  (Formally RE) – Who and what is special to me? –-Begin to understand what it means to belong within a family and a community;
Exploring people, places, experiences, feelings, stories, objects, beliefs, values
What groups do we belong to both in and out of school?

Art – Look at the work of three famous artists and use their inspiration to complete a self-portrait.

Exploring the ELLI animals:
Art – Cl 6 -Tortoise , Cl 5 -Cats  and Cl 4 – Chameleons – Art to be displayed in classroom and main hall.
D&T – Owl -Plan to make a model and discuss if the plan changed as they worked through the building. Plan, Do and Review.

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