Year 1 Learning Term 3 Week 2


  • You will find below a grid showing the sessions to be taught each week. They do not exactly follow days as each class has different sessions due to support and PE times being different but it allows you to see the week as a snapshot of sessions. 
  • We will always aim to get outside, whatever the weather, as much as possible so children will really need a waterproof coat each day.

A link to plans and resources if you are needing to self-isolate can be accessed HERE.

This week’s whole school assembly can be found here
Phonics: ay  ou   ie   ea   

Daily Well Being Activities

Monday – Connect – Send a secret code letter to someone
Tuesday – Take Notice- Senses 5,4,3,2,1  Eg think of 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear etc
Wednesday – Be Active – Dinosaur stomp
Thursday – Keep Learning –
Blindfold puzzle game
Friday – Give –
Feed the birds


Text: ‘Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish’, By Michael Foreman

Phonics: Phase 5a Mastery
Information for Sounds and Words Books:

Children will write in these sounds and keywords – Differentiated where necessary. Please use the books for the children to practice in. Guidance is in the front of your child’s book.

Focus GPCs (Revisit): ay, ou, ie, ea. nk
CEW to read and spell: Oh   their   
Other words to read and spell:  Days of the Week   away   again  because

Vocabulary: adjective, verb, noun, phoneme, sounds, blend, letter name, word, sentence, full stop, question mark, conjunction

Sess 1 : Read the start of the story. Discuss what the man in the story may be thinking and dreaming about. Following on from last week’s work, write a dream/wish in a cloud.
Sess 2: Make predictions about the story. Use conjunctions to show cause and effect.
Sess 3: Design, label and describe the dinosaur that you think is hiding under the rubbish. What do they look and smell like using clues from the story.
Sess 4: To write demands to give instructions.Handwriting: Correct formation of the graphemes and CEW for spelling listed above through the use of our 4 formation families.
Complete a dictated sentence: She says that pink drink stinks!


  • Read as part of a group. Look at front cover details and explore making predictions, using phonetic knowledge to decode unknown words and to extend vocabulary. Read aloud and look at increasing fluency and use discussion as a group to discuss comprehension.
  • In reading groups, continue to continue on phonic and CEW recognition gaps identified.

Whole Class – Planned story sessions each day.


Addition and Subtraction within 20

-Related fact families
-Problem solving

To add and subtract 1 and 2-digit numbers to 20, including 0.
Exceeding: To add and subtract 1- digit and 2-digit numbers within 20 mentally]
To read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving +, – and =
To recognise that addition and subtraction are inverse operations
To find related addition and subtraction facts.

Sess 1- This lesson introduces related facts and fact families practically using concrete resources.
Sess 2 and 3 – Over the next 2 lessons the children will explore addition and subtraction fact families for numbers within 20. They will work pictorially to find links between addition and subtraction numbers sentences. They should recognise that addition and subtraction are inverse operations. Complete fact family houses sheet. Extension: comparing number sentences using < and >.
Sess 4 and 5– Problem solving and Reasoning. Convince me!  Spot the mistake and children to record their proof as well as true or false questions.

Wider Curriculum


Shine Outside session

Jasmine PE-

This term’s focus is RealGym. This week, the children will be learning and practising a range of different shapes that they can make and hold with their bodies.


This week, we are beginning our new science topic of Marvellous Materials. We will start off by exploring the different everyday materials that we already know such as wood, plastic, glass and metal and identifying things in and around our classrooms that are made out of these.


“Why are some stories special?”

This week, we are going to explore why the Qur’an is special in Islam, why Allah is deeply respected in Islam and what followers of Islam are called.


We will be exploring artwork by Edgar A Whitney and Zoltan Szabo to inspire us to create our own cold scenes. We will consider the colours used to show coldness and how the artwork makes us feel.


Dreams and Goals

We will be thinking about setting a goal and how we can work to achieve it. This links to our English learning from last week where we set some New Year’s resolutions. 

Reading Stars

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Bronze award: Ola (class 4), Luke (class 4), Talia (class 4)

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