Term 4 Week 1

Welcome back! We hope the children are well rested and ready for another exciting and busy term. This week is a busy one with our delayed 100 Day in School,  World Book Day and Open Morning or Afternoon. Also don’t forget to book appointments for parents evenings which will be in week 2.


Term 4 Begins: Monday 28th February 2022 with our delayed 100 Day Celebrations.

Whole School 100 Day- Monday 28th February
We are asking for your support in enabling your child to come to school with one thing you can find at home that represents 100. Some examples include:

  • A top trumps card with ‘100’ on it
  • £1 (100p)
  • An item that is 100cm tall
  • Something that weighs 100g
  • A puzzle with 100 pieces
  • A book with 100 pages
  • 100th anniversary booklet
  • As this date is the final day of Term 3, it will be a non-school uniform day. Your child could wear a piece of clothing representing 100. 

World Book Day – Thursday 3rd March – ‘YOU ARE A READER’

To celebrate this day which acknowledges the importance of reading for pleasure, we have some exciting events for you to join in with.

Dress up as your favourite book character! Bring in a printed photo of you reading a book that makes you smile (please make sure we can see the cover). If there is special meaning behind your story e.g. a family favourite or one that reminds you of a special time or event, please feel free to bring in a short explanation to share.

Open morning – Friday 4th March – Classes 7 & 9 – Afternoon 2:50-3:20pm, Class 8 – Morning 9-9:30 am 

Next week: Parents Evenings Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th March (Remote)

  • We will always aim to get outside, whatever the weather, as much as possible so children will really need a waterproof coat each day.


Our homework sharing day will be in the last week of Term 4. 

If you are learning from home this week please access the learning here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1y9JOqhNPHeynnQiMIO3yZH8HZFniNo5w?usp=sharing



We continue daily blending revision to help us apply our segmenting and blending skills to unfamiliar words.

 Spelling and Grammar (SPAG):

This term we will be revising the CEWs we started learning last term to ensure that children are secure in reading and spelling them. You can support your child at home this term by regularly revising these. 

1.     After
2.     Bath
3.     Beautiful
4.     Break
5.     Class
6.     Even
7.     Fast
8.     Father
9.     Grass
10.  Great
11.  Improve
12.  Last
13.  Move
14.  Pass
15.  Past
16.  Path
17.  Plant
18.  Pretty
19.  Prove
20.  Steak
21.  Sure
  • This week in spelling we will be revisiting ‘or’ spelt ‘ar’ e.g. warm, war, warn.
  • This week our grammar focus will be apostrophes for possession (singular) e.g. the teacher’s pen. The dog’s ball.


In reading sessions this week we are being introduced to the ‘Totally Pawsome Gang’. These pups have a special reading skill that help Y2 readers to answer comprehension questions. We will also have lots of fun participating in World Book Day activities.


Our new text for this week is ‘If all the world were…’ 

If you would like to explore the text with your children at home here is a video of it being read: If All the World Were…

We will be creating a character description of Grandad from the story and be looking at how the story reads like a beautiful, long poem. We will have opportunities to write our own verses of the poem.


We will be starting a new unit of work this week on fractions! We will build on prior learning from Year 1 and recap the importance of equal parts and how to find one half and one quarter of a given quantity. We will also introduce the vocabulary ‘numerator and denomitor’ and discuss their meaning in relation to the written fraction. 

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

In science this week we will be learning about things that are alive, dead or have never been alive and categorising objects under these 3 headings. 

As part of our world book day activities we will create some ‘breakout art’ using contrasting colours, exploring how different colours evoke different emotions. This artwork will link to our key text ‘If all the world were…’  

Religion and World Views

We will start to answer our key questions of ‘Who do Christians believe that Jesus is?’ and ‘What is a parable?’. 

This week we will learn about Jesus’ parable of ‘The Lost Sheep’. 


In PSHE this week we will be thinking about what we need to keep our bodies healthy. We will make and celebrate healthy choices in small groups. 

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