Term 3 WK 6

This week, you will receive an email about logging in to book slots for Parents Evenings for the first week back in Term 4, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd February. Guidance will be in this email if you need to make an alternative appointment to meet in Week 2 to discuss individual learning support plans for specific children.


Space dance performances for Term 4:

Maple Class: Tuesday 21st March @ 2.40pm (in the hall)

Sycamore Class: Monday 20th March @ 1.30pm (in the hall)

Magnolia Class: Monday 20th March @ 2.40pm (in the hall)


Children will be doing lots of activities to understand the importance of staying safe whilst using the internet. We will be looking at the word ‘private’ and what this means, looking at how passwords can help to protect our private information and devices and looking at why it is important not to share our personal information with others on the internet. 



It is wonderful to see some completed sides of bookmarks this term. This shows your commitment to reading regularly at home and will be celebrated with certificates! 

We will continue with guided reading and activities linked to reading skills. We are really interested in sharing examples of information about SPACE. If you come across an article/ information page/ news page that would be of interest and is suitable to be shared with the class -please send it in!

We are placing greater emphasis on teaching specific aspects of grammar this term. These key building blocks of English will be combined with our weekly  spelling lesson and also feature in our daily writing warm ups. 


The Way Back Home eBook : Jeffers, Oliver: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

In our writing this week we will be writing our own newspaper report about the boy and Martian stuck on the moon, from our new story ‘The Way Back Home’. We will be looking at all the different features needed and will plan, write and publish our own. We are also going to be looking at apostrophes for contraction then applying this to our own writing. We are also going to revisit subordinating and coordinating conjunctions to join sentences together and to add more detail.


In maths this week we will move onto a new topic of statistics. The children will interpret and collect data using tally charts and pictograms. 

Our learning objectives for the week are: 

To interpret data from tally charts and collect data using a tally chart. 

To use the data from a tally chart to produce a pictogram. 

To interpret and answer questions about the data presented in a pictogram.

To draw pictograms where the symbols represent 2, 5 or 10 items.

To interpret pictograms where the symbols represent 2, 5 and 10 items.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

We will be continuing with our new music unit this week, focusing on famous musicians through time. We will be listening to music from the Baroque period, using musical vocabulary to describe what we hear and learning about the harpsichord – an important instrument in the Baroque period.

In lesson 2, we will be exploring music from the romantic era. We will consider the mood the composer is trying to create and respond creatively by using our bodies to reflect the different pitches and timbres in the music ‘‘Dance of the Sugarplum fairy.’


In PSHE we will be reflecting back on this Dreams and Goals piece of learning. We will be discussing how we have worked collaboratively with other people to achieve goals and whether this was a positive process or how it could be improved. 

Religion and World Views

In R + WV this week we are continuing on our unit of work thinking about the big question, why is Jesus important to Christians? We will discuss miracles and how the Bible tells of lots of wonderful things that Jesus did which only God could do. We will hear about a time when Jesus showed that he had power to heal a blind man and illustrate this in our zigzag book.

Stars of the Week

Sycamore: The whole class

Maple: Adinika

Magnolia: James

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