Term 5 WK 6

This is the final week of term. Children are invited to wear non-uniform on Friday and to bring in a contribution to FHIS.

This week we will be using recycling to create pictures in Art. Please bring in recycling before Friday (no glass).

School reopens on Monday 5th June.


In English this week we are going to be writing a diary entry about the May Fair (if attended). We will also be focusing on adding the suffixes -less, -ment, -ness to the end of words. We are going to be using our editing skills to uplevel our writing to make it more interesting.  


This term we will be revising the CEWs we started learning last term to ensure that children are secure in reading and spelling them. You can support your child at home this term by regularly revising these. 


The children will be read with on a 1:1 basis by their teacher to assess their book band level. They will be moved on if appropriate. 


This week in Maths the children will be consolidating their understanding of time. Telling the time is an important life skill and we will be revisiting telling the time to ‘o’ clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to as a minimum expectation for children. We will progress onto telling the time on an analogue clock to minutes past and to the hour e.g. 5 past 11. We will also be exploring the relationship between minutes and hours and the duration of time in a day and how it is divided up between key activities. Please support your child at home with providing them with regular opportunities to tell the time and ask you questions about what happens at certain times during the day.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)


The children will continue their new geography topic about 2 contrasting places. They will compare the physical geography of Brazil and England and work in teams to create some artwork to depict the physical geography of Brazil.


The children will create man-made sculptures and then cast shadows of their sculptures using a bright, powerful light.


The children will complete their plant studies, looking at how much their plants have grown over the last 5 weeks and summarising their science learning from over Term 5.

R + WV

The children will learn about the Jewish place of worship – the Synagogue. They will discuss the use of religious symbolism in a synagogue and come up with “I wonder” questions about worshipping in a synagogue.


The children will put all of their PSHE learning into practise by creating “relationship bunting” with things and people that make them feel safe and loved on one side and unkind things on the other side, thinking about how to navigate conflict in friendships.

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