Year 2 Learning. Term 4, Week 1


This Week:
Whole School 100 Day – Thursday 22nd February
We are asking for your support in enabling your child to come to school with one thing you can find at home that represents 100. These will be shared in class. Some examples include:

  • A top trumps card with ‘100’ on it
  • £1 (100p)
  • An item that is 100cm tall
  • Something that weighs 100g
  • A puzzle with 100 pieces
  • A book with 100 pages
  • 100th anniversary booklet

Learning Share Morning – Friday 23rd February, 9am. A chance for your child to share their learning with you in class after drop off. If your child is your class star of the week this week then our assembly will follow on from the open morning. Your class teacher will let you know more.

Next Week:
Parents Evenings – Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th February. You should have made your appointment times if you need to but please let your teachers know if you are having any difficulty.

We will be having a SPACE WOW DAY (Week 5) at the end of this term to celebrate our learning and we will give you more details nearer the time. It will involve dressing up for those who wish to! There will also be more information next week on the blog about World Book Day Celebrations (Wednesday 6th March) this year and Red Nose Day! ( Friday 15th March) Both will also involve dressing up if your child chooses to. An exciting term ahead!


Write a poem based on a shared poem and initial shared write as a class.
Diamantes Poetry. The poem is presented in the shape of a diamond with a set of given ‘rules’ for it’s construction.

Daily phonics revision, spelling and weekly explicit handwriting sessions.


The 5 times-table
Divide by 5
The 5 and 10 times-tables
‘100 day’ Activities in school. Whole School Celebration on Thursday 22nd February (see above)

Wider Curriculum

Geography – Climate zones – what are they? What are the different climate zones on Earth? What does terrain  mean? How do the terrains differ across zones?
Climate zones: polar, temperate, Mediterranean, arid, tropical and mountain climates

Science – Living Things and their Habitats – Identify that most living things live in a habitat to which they are suited.

Music – Chronology Develop Understanding of pitch  through composers and their music. Session 4.

PSHE – Being Healthy – I know what I need to keep my body healthy. Also linked to Science work this week

R + WV – Jesus’ stories from the bible – The lost sheep

PE and SHINE PE – Dynamic balance- on a line and Static balance- stance

Reading For the Stars

Silver Award
Maple Class – Amelia
Sycamore Class – Ayaan Sienna Edith

Gold Award
Maple Class – Heerad
Sycamore Class – Tom

Maple Class – Sofie
Sycamore Class – Tom

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