Term 1 Week 7


Thank you so much for some of the Waste Nothing Challenge booklets we have received. The deadline is October 18th so still a little while if you haven’t manage to start yet.

To support our knights and Castles topic we are planning a trip to Caldicot Castle for Term 2. Dates are being finalised next week and a letter will go out to families then.


We will continue with our story, The Egg, this week and will learn the story off by heart. We will practise retelling the story out loud, map out the story in pictures and then write the story using these resources to support us. At the end of the week we will start to think about designing our own mythical creature we could teach lessons to! 


Our dedicated time for exploring Reading for Pleasure books and changing levelled books is MONDAY. Please ensure your child has their books and reading logs with them on this day ready to change. Please do come and see us if you have any barriers to reading with your child or reluctance from them to do so: we are here to help make reading at home an enjoyable one. During this week and next, we will be assessing reading book levels. Please look out in the reading log by the end of this term to see which level your child is on.

Phonics and spelling

At Henleaze Infant School, we are very lucky to be following a new phonics scheme created by our English Hub: Unlocking Letters and Sounds. Whilst the plans and resources they share with us are still in publication process and cannot yet be shared with parents, we are delighted to be able to update you with the focus of our 4 sessions each week. Each session we become masters of phase 5 and introduce new spellings for phonemes we already know. This week: 

Session 1: u (as in unit)

Session 2: u (as in put)

Session 3: ow (as in snow)

The final session of the week is a recap and revision session. Based on the teacher’s ongoing assessment throughout the week, they will revisit and address then rehearse any misconceptions to ensure children in the class become secure with the new teaching focus.

To support with phonics at home you can:

-be a Phase 3 and Phase 5 phoneme spotter in any texts that you read e.g. how many ‘igh’s can you spot in this page of your book/ magazine?

-discuss the new teaching focus of each session e.g. what other words do you know that have ‘ow’ as in snow? Can you write them? This is a great opportunity to practise handwriting too!

At present, our final session of the week is a separate spelling session which often explores alternative consonant spellings.

So far we have had fun searching for: ‘gn’ and ‘kn’ words (gnome, knight, know) in a word search and helping Mr Whoops to spell ‘wr’ words (wrestle, wriggle, write)


This week is: 

This week we are continuing our block of addition and subtraction. We are going to be adding 2 digit numbers including an exchange (ask you children what that means, hopefully they can tell you!) We are also going to be subtracting 2 digit numbers crossing 10. Click here to watch a home learning video explaining exchanging and click here to watch one explaining subtracting and crossing 10. 

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

In KUW this week the children will learn about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings. They will learn about the 4 people who wanted to be the King of England when Edward the Confessor died and try to convince their teacher why each man should be King using persuasive language and debating skills! The children will then create a story map to retell the events of the Battle of Hastings. 

In art this week the children will create oil pastel self portraits. They will think about how art is freeing and helps them express their thoughts and feelings. 

Religion and World Views

In R+WV this week the children will listen to the Camel’s story of the boy Muhammad and then think about how the story is inspiring for muslims. They will link this new knowledge to their existing knowledge of other inspiring stories. 


Our focus in PSHE this week is working cooperatively. The children will reflect on their learning in PSHE so far this term and understand how our learning charters help us and our friends to learn.

Star of the Week

Class 7: Sophie B 

Class 8: Billy

Class 9: Ziggy

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