13.12.21 Self-isolation and testing

Some children have been identified as close contacts of a Covid-19 case of the Omicron variant. These children are all in our reception cohort and will have been in contact through classroom activity, after-school club or possibly through their position in the nativity. All close contacts are required to self-isolate for 10 days from contact (information on this was in the email sent to families) and will receive a PCR test in the post. A further group of children who were not identified as close contacts have been selected for targeted testing. This group do not need to self-isolate, but will receive a PCR test in the post.


Q. If the guidance changes tomorrow, can my child return to school? A. Please wait until you receive a communication from school as class staff as well as pupils are self-isolating, therefore we need to ensure it is safe to return.

Q: If my child has had a negative PCR since contact with the Covid case or has one in the self-isolation period, can they come back to school? A: No. 10 days self-isolation must be completed regardless of PCR result during the period.

Q: If my child is not a close contact can they attend school? A Yes. as long as they are well, have no Covid symptoms and any test Covid results are negative, we would love to see them in school. We cannot authorise absences outside of our Attendance Policy. This policy states that fixed penalty notices may be issued for unauthorised absences.

Q. Do siblings of close contacts need to isolate? A. No. Unless they develop symptoms or have a positive Covid-19 test result (lateral flow or PCR). Siblings or anyone else in the household are not required to self isolate unless they have symptoms or a positive test.

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