Year 1 Learning. Term 3, Week 5


  • On Monday 14th February (Last week of term) we are going to celebrate our learning so far in our new topic of Our World. We are asking the children to think of a word that they would like to represent with dressing up. It could be a country name, a symbol of one of the countries form the UK, an adjective, a type of weather, the sea, earth, properties of materials, fairytales etc. There really are no limits. See below for some examples. They need to have the word written as part of their costume. They could also include a simplified definition of their word – a great opportunity to use a dictionary!
The Vocabulary Parade - YouTube
World Book Day - Vocabulary Parade | Grove Academy
  • You will find below a grid showing the sessions to be taught each week. They do not exactly follow days as each class has different sessions due to support and PE times being different but it allows you to see the week as a snapshot of sessions. 
  • Check your emails to find out about the new White Rose Free App to help support your child’s learning for their Maths. This has been developed by the scheme of Maths we follow and so uses the same methods and resources.
  • We will always aim to get outside, whatever the weather, as much as possible so children will really need a waterproof coat each day.

A link to plans and resources if you are needing to self-isolate can be accessed HERE.

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Daily Well Being Activities

Monday – Connect – Listen to someone different read you a story
Tuesday – Take Notice-  If you were the weather…
Wednesday – Be Active – Kids workout
Thursday – Keep Learning – The Koala who could   and/or  My Brave Book
Friday – Give –  Be a rainbow


Text: The Story of the animals of the Chinese New Year Zodiac

Phonics: Phase 5a – Mastery
Information for Sounds and Words Books:

Children will write in these sounds and keywords – Differentiated where necessary. Please use the books for the children to practice in. Guidance is in the front of your child’s book.

Focus GPCs: Revisit GPC ew  (few)  oe     au    ey  Teach correct use of:   tch
CEW to read and spell: looked    called   like   there   about   house   catch  few

Session 1 : Whole class read of the story of Chinese New Year – How the animals were chosen to represent each year. Word Level recording work.
Session 2: Chinese New Year writing
Session 3: Moderation Task: Create an animal by combining different animals together. Give it a name and adjectives to describe. Use Planning Sheet.
Session 4: Moderation Task: Write a description of your newly created animal.
Session 5: Handwriting: Correct formation of the graphemes and CEW for spelling listed above through the use of our 4 formation families. Dictated Sentence: Mrs Wheat fetched the crutch from the kitchen.


  • Read as part of a group. Look at front cover details and explore making predictions, using phonetic knowledge to decode unknown words and to extend vocabulary. Read aloud and look at increasing fluency and use discussion as a group to discuss comprehension and start to answer written questions.
  • In reading groups, continue to continue on phonic and CEW recognition gaps identified.

Whole Class – Planned story sessions each day and read of Chinese New Year Story.


Place Value within 100
100 square patterns
Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
1 more/less within 100

Learning Objectives:
To count in 2s to 20
To count in 10s to 100
To find 1 more/less than any number within 100, including bridging 10
To recall 1 more/less within 20
To begin to recall 1 more/less within 100

Daily: Recall addition facts to 10 and Count forwards and backwards within 100
Number recognition within 100 and tens/ones
Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
1 more/less – end of week
Snappy maths – 1 more/less

Wider Curriculum

PE- SHINE Outside Session 
Jasmine PE–  Real Gym lesson 3
Continue with shapes and increase extension challenge.

Science – Test the strength of models built last week for the 3 little pigs. Discuss and consider the scientific enquiry skill of fair testing.

R+WV- Chinese New Year story. Where in the world is this celebrated? How? And by who?

Geography- Look at the location of the UK on a globe/world map. Look at China and locate it on a world map
Recall the 4 countries that make up the UK and their capital cities. Plot these on a map of the UK (to be in their book next to their hand drawn ‘prior knowledge’ maps).
Ex Challenge: children write facts that they can recall about various places in the UK (from last week).

Art – Create a whole class dragon for Chinese New Year. Use cutting skills and shapes to create scales and a whole class collage where everyone has a part to play. Can you use recycled materials? What properties of materials will look the best on the dragon and why?


Overcoming obstacles
Learning Objectives:
To identify obstacles which make it more difficult to achieve my new challenge and work out how to overcome them.
To know how I feel when I see obstacles and how I feel when I overcome them.

Reading For The Stars -Bronze Awards

Transparent Movers Clipart - Transparent Background Stars Clipart, HD Png  Download - kindpng

Class 4 Amara, Daniel, Rory

Class 5 Reuben, Harrison, Ernie, Daniel, Alex

Class 6 Theo Walton, Dolly, Rudy, Ted, Reuben Evans, Noah Irwin, Tiya, Freya, Hugo

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Class 4 Amara

Class 5 Daniel

Class 6 Rory

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