Term 5 Week 5

During the first week of term 6 we will be carrying out our Phonics Screening for any children who did not pass in the Autumn. 


It is wonderful to see so many children engaged in our Read for the Stars incentive. Certificates have been flying out in celebration assembly and some children are nearly on the last side of their second bookmark! We just wanted to remind all children that the crown prize for achieving this many reads is a very special head teacher’s certificate and a book (which will be given as part of special end of year celebrations). Keep up with all your fantastic efforts: I think Mrs Hibbard is going to be very busy ordering LOTS of books for children at Henleaze Infants School.

Invitation to enter an Art Competition

Get out your art materials to celebrate Queen Elizabeth‘s 70th year reign in a Platinum Jubilee competition for primary school children. We are looking for children to draw, paint or collage bold, bright and colourful pictures of Queen Elizabeth II to decorate our restaurant at John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway. There are prizes for individuals and for school.

Follow the link here for more information about this competition.


  • During the second week of term 6 we will be holding our special whole school week where we will be commemorating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We will be asking the children to wear red, white and blue or purple on the Friday (17th June). More information about the week’s activities will come in our first week back.

Here are some dates for your diary:
Sports Day – Afternoon of Thursday 23rd June (Exact timings to be confirmed)
Learning Shares in classes –  Friday, July 1st (Class 8, 9:10am and Classes 7 and 9 at 2:50pm.)


Thank you for all of your support with the jars for the May Fair! Your efforts are much appreciated.

The children really enjoyed making rainbow wraps in DT this week. Here are some pictures – look at those smiles! There also some pictures of our maypole performance in the playground on Friday afternoon. The children were so amazing and we are sure they were just as wonderful at the May Fair.

We will always aim to get outside, whatever the weather, as much as possible so children will really need a waterproof coat each day.


Spelling and Grammar (SPAG):


This week we will be doing our common exception word check in. You may be given some highlighted words to practise over the half term break.

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We are focusing on non-fiction this week. Our library visits will return with a scavenger hunt about non-fiction features! If your child has a non-fiction book they would like to bring into school for the week to support our learning, please send it in on Monday (labelled with your child’s name. It can be about anything they are interested in that is age appropriate.


In writing this week the children will design and make a seed packet for a pea seed. They will design the artwork for the front and write instructions about how to plant a pea seed on the back. 


This week in Maths the children will be consolidating their understanding of place value. We will recap partitioning numbers into their tens and ones (e.g in the number 52 there are 5 tens and 2 ones), and exploring how we can partition numbers with non-standard combinations (e.g 52 could be made up of 4 tens and 12 ones). We will also recap adding and subtracting 10/10’s from a number, with a focus on which numbers (and why!) change when we add/subtract units of ten.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)


This week in science the children will write up our long-term science observations from our plant study. The plants have been placed in different environments and been given different amounts of light and water. The children will write up their final observations and think about why some of the plants thrived and some died. 

R + WV

In R+WV this week the children will continue thinking about where Christians go to worship God and why the Church is a special place. 


In PSHE this week we will discuss trust. We will explore what trust is and how it is built. We will think about who we can and can’t trust and how these trusted people can help us.

Stars of the week

Class 7 – Will R

Class 8 – Eryn and Edward

Class 9 – Absent

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