Year 2 Term 2 Week 1

  • Belle and Sebastian – You should have now received an email about our Whole School Enrichment Project for the final week of Term 2. On Wednesday of this week, we will be visiting the Bristol Old Vic to watch a production of ‘Belle and Sebastian’. The company who are putting on the production have asked us to make you aware of an event taking place during half term connected with this story. Please follow the link here.
  • Here is a link that has also been emailed out to you. It contains information about our English and Maths Curriculum in Key Stage 1 and also about our evening next term where all subjects in our curriculum will be showcased. Our English and Maths Curriculum in Key Stage 1

Parents Evenings – Wednesday and Thursday (2nd and 3rd November) This week.
You should have already signed up for your appointment time. Appointments are 10 minutes long and we will be keeping prompt to these timings. They will be face-to-face and you will be able to come earlier to your time to look through your child’s work before meeting with your teachers.

You will be able to access our Y2 corridors through end doors for the evening.

FHIS – Fireworks 2022

Saturday 5th November – See further details on newsletters and website.
Gates open: 5pm    Display starts: 7pm

Class specific information: 

Please click the links below to see more information about what happens each week in your child’s class. 




Subject specific information:



This week we will be remembering the 5th November and the Gunpowder plot as this links nicely to our Knights and Castles topics. We will be sequencing and role playing the event to retell it before writing sentences using the past progressive form e.g. They were plotting to use gunpowder. There will also be an opportunity for some creative fireworks poetry. 

Spellings will focus on ‘le’ as in little.

You could practise the following spellings at home to support this learning:

  • bubble
  • little
  • middle
  • nibble
  • pebble
  • circle
  • waffle
  • cycle

Guided reading sessions will be accompanied by activities linked to previously taught grammar. 

This week this will involve writing sentences using ‘wow’ adjectives, editing sentences – making sure to use the correct spelling and punctuation, practising spelling words with the ‘le’ ending and phoneme spotting in our reading for pleasure books. 


This week we are learning these sounds:

Monday: ch (school)
Tuesday: ch (chef)
Wednesday: c (cell)
Thursday: g (gent)
Friday: ey (they)


In maths this week are starting our ‘shape’ topic. Our lesson objectives for the week are:

  • Recognise 2D and 3D shapes 
  • Count vertices on a 2D shape
  • Draw 2D shapes
  • Lines of symmetry on shapes 
  • Use lines of symmetry to complete shapes.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)

In KUW this week the children will create some beautiful firework art, linking to their work in English.

In science the children will undertake an investigation – ‘Which ball is the bounciest?’. They will use a range of balls – rubber balls, dodge balls, footballs etc. – and investigate which ball bounces the highest. They will draw on their existing knowledge of everyday materials and their properties to support their understanding.

In music this week, the children will continue developing their understanding of pitch. They will listen to and sing 3 songs ‘Abeeyo’, ‘The river is flowing’ and ‘The earth is my mother’. They will think about the features of Native American music and create pictures to illustrate the music in terms of pitch.

Religion and World Views

In R + WV the children will be learning about Christian marriage. They will read a Bible version of the story ‘The Wedding at Cana’ or ‘The Cat’s Tale’ by Nick Butterworth and look at some artwork to support their learning.

If you’d like more information about what we will be learning about in Term 2 in R + WV – click here.


In PSHE this week the children will start to understand that sometimes people make assumptions about boys and girls (stereotypes). They will begin to understand some ways in which boys and girls are similar and celebrate these similarities.

Stars of the Week

None from T1 W8 – Whole class celebrations instead – see newsletter for more details

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