Year 1 Learning Term 1 Week 4

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the back to school meetings last Tuesday.. If you missed the meeting the information is available by following this link:

Bluebell Class

Cherry Class

Daffodil Class

Monday 18th September: WOW Day!

To launch our new topic ‘Beegu and Me’ children are invited to dress in clothes showing what they might want to be when they are older or just clothes that they feel special or comfortable in. 

We will be looking at ourselves and what makes us special.


Upcoming Key Dates:

Monday 18th September: WOW Day!
Friday 22nd September- Author Visit (see more below)
Thursday 5th October– Y1 School trip to Westonbirt Arboretum
Monday 9th October – School closed to children – INSET day
Wednesday 11th October – Individual School Photos
Tuesday 17th October- Phonics learn-along in classes after drop off
Friday 20th October – End of Term 1. Non uniform day. Contributions to FHIS.

Author Visit!

Henleaze Infant School is delighted to host author Nishani Reed for a special author visit and story telling session.

There is no obligation to buy the book, but should you wish your child to have a discounted and signed copy, please order directly from the link below by Wednesday 20th September, kindly organised by local bookshop Max Minerva’s.

We hope the children have lots of fun: watch out penguins!

Mrs Hibbard




Revision on Phase 3 and 4 graphemes and CEWs taught in Reception.
Teach adding the suffix –ing to verbs E.g. jumping, raining
Revise CEW: some, come


Correct formation of the CEW for spelling listed above through the use of our 4 formation families, concentrating on the ‘one armed robot letters’ this week

Writing: Looking at our pencil grip and how we hold our pencils.
-Identify what an adjective is and list them to describe ourselves.
-Complete a sheet ‘All About Me’.
-Writing sentences about ourselves using adjectives and full stops.

Whole Class.
Read together ‘ We are All Different’
Share and read through together the story of Beegu.
Continuing with individual reading – Please make sure book bags are in school everyday.


-Counting across 20, forwards and backwards

-Reading numbers as words (e.g. 1 is one)

-Looking at different representations and ways of finding 1 more and 1 less than a number within 10 (and 20).

-Working on our recall of 1 more and 1 less facts

-Using the greater than >, less than < and equal to = symbols to compare numbers.

Wider Curriculum

PE- SHINE Outside Session – Team Games

Jasmine PE – Fundamental Movement Skills: Footwork Patterns and One Leg Balance

To plan and make a model of Beegu using plasticine

-To recognise  & know about different sound sources.
-That we can make sounds in a variety of ways and we hear them with our ears

R+WV (Formally known as RE) 
-To talk about feelings and link with Beegu  -How does an Outsider feel?
-To understand what it means to belong within a family and community
– To talk about things that are about themselves or that happen to them in places where they feel they belong.

PSHE- Being Me In My World
-I can identify the different styles of learning and how these can help me to learn (ELLI)

Bluebell Class – Poyraz
Cherry Class – Alex

Daffodil Class-  Phoebe 

Daily Well Being Activities:
Monday – Connect – With a partner write a welcome word on their back with your finger. Can they tell what word you wrote?
Tuesday – Take Notice- Move the pointer on your feelings wheel to show us how you’re feeling
Wednesday – Be Active –Purple Stew actions
Thursday – Keep Learning –
Try an activity you haven’t done yet in your classroom
Friday – Give –
Nominate someone for a kindness sticker because of something friendly you saw them do

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