Term 6, Week 5

Last week we enjoyed celebrating our learning about minibeasts by sharing it with each other’s classes. We now all know a lot of facts about snails, ladybirds and great diving beetles!

This week we will be joining the whole school topic of journeys using the book ‘The Journey ‘ by Aaron Becker.


  • On Wednesday 7th July we will be having our ‘Learning Share’ sessions outside on the class patio areas. This is an opportunity to come and share your child’s books and learning with them. You will also be able to visit the inside of the classrooms in small groups to see where all their amazing learning has been happening! Please bring a pen with you so that you can fill in the parents view section on our end of year reports.

To follow COVID social distancing guidelines these will be organised by  odd/even class numbers: 

Class 1 and Class 3: 2.30pm – 3.15 pm

Class 2:  9.10am  – 9.55am

  • We will be sending an email with the final part of your child’s EvidenceMe Learning Profile before Open Morning. Please share it with your child and ask them to talk to you about their learning.
  • Please continue to send your child with a coat everyday as even on sunny days it can be quite chilly outside on our patios and in the playground.

This week’s observation challenge 

Thank you to everyone who sent us observations of the children measuring at home. This week we would love to see some observations related to our topic of Journeys.

This week’s Learning 

The full plans are available here  if you are isolating at home.


In addition to our Jigsaw and Daily Wellbeing, we will be including circle times to support friendships and play as appropriate for each class.

Our Jigsaw session this week continues our theme of “Changing me” and we will be talking more about Feelings about moving on to Year 1

We will also continue to do daily wellbeing activities.

Communication and Language

This week we will be  looking at the book The Journey by Aaron Becker We will talk about what is happening in the pictures and how the little girl is feeling using our ideas to tell the story.


Gross motor skills: We are going to use agility and skill as we practise some relay activities for Sports Day. This week we are going to try the obstacle course and ladders.



This week we will be recapping all sounds and tricky words up to phase 4. We will be writing sentences focused around different pictures and thinking about the different digraphs and trigraphs  in the sentences before we write them independently.


This week we will be reading with the children 1:1 or in small guided reading groups.

Please remember to try and read with your child for 10 minutes every day.


This week we will be writing about a familiar journey we have been on e.g. on the bus or an aeroplane. 


This week we will be using our topic of journeys in our mathematics lessons. We will be collecting data about how we travel to school and about how we would like to travel on an adventure and representing it with tally charts and pictograms.

Alongside this we will use the story  “Mr Gumpys Outing ‘ to do some problem solving.

We will also continue to learn about numbers to 20 and practise counting on and back to solve number problems.

Understanding the World


We will be talking about journeys we make and looking at the book On the journey home from Grandpa’s.

The World 

We will be thinking about different journeys from the journey of a dandelion seed to journeys into space. Children will then make a map of a journey they know well.


This week we are talking about Moses being given the Ten Commandments, and Jesus giving the two greatest commandments – “Love God” and “Love others”. 

Expressive Arts

This week we will be designing our own hot air balloons to display in our new Year One classrooms. 

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