Year 1 Learning – Week 7, Term 2

A HUGE thank you to all children and for the support of the parents who have worked so hard this term to keep us all going and to have achieved some wonderful learning and great achievements, despite all the ongoing changes and illnesses that have been thrown our way. You are all amazing! Thank you.

40 Pieces Music Notes Cutouts Musical Notes Silhouette for Music Concert  Theme Party Birthday Party Baby Shower School Bulletin Board Craft Home  Wall Decor : Home & Kitchen

Well done to all the Year 1 members from the choir too who sang so beautifully with our wonderful visitors from the Salvation Army Band. Really helped us all to get into the Christmas spirit!

Hope you enjoyed the Peppermint Creams. We certainly enjoyed making them for you. Merry Christmas!


  • Tuesday 14th December – Unfortunately, with the current circumstances we have had to take the decision to cancel our visit to St Peter’s Church. We will still be doing singing with the children and endeavour to make it a special morning.
  • Tuesday 14th December – Christmas dinner day
  • Thursday 16th December – Christmas parties, please look out for the sign up sheet (this will be on patios) asking for you to contribute food towards this. We usually ask parents to sign up to each bring a different food from the list, which we then share between all the children, so please remember we are a no nuts school. Also please name any containers you may use so that we can return them to you. Children can also wear party clothes to school on this day.
  • Friday 17th December – Christmas Jumper Day and wear your own clothes  – Donations to FHIS for this
  • Friday 17th December – Last day of term
  • School will reopen for pupils on Wednesday 5th January, 2022 for Term 3.
  • In R+WV during the first week back we will be discussing special stories and books that are important to us and our families. So pick a favourite with your child and encourage them to think about why they like it. They can bring their favourite book in to share during the first week back.


You will find below a grid showing the sessions to be taught each week. They do not exactly follow days as each class has different sessions due to support and PE times being different but it allows you to see the week as a snapshot of sessions. 

We will always aim to get outside, whatever the weather, as much as possible so children will really need a waterproof coat each day.

A link to plans and resources if you are needing to self-isolate can be accessed HERE.

To watch this week’s whole school assembly click here

Daily Well Being Activities

Monday – Connect – Write a card to a friend or family member Ideas
Tuesday – Take NoticeFeel your feelings
Wednesday – Be Active As a class, run around the playground and field 2 times.
Thursday – Keep Learning Use your number bonds to 10 to complete a colouring task.
Friday – Give Everyone you pass at school or home today a smile. 

English – Phonics

Recap of graphemes and words taught this term.

Vocabulary: adjective, verb, noun, phoneme, sounds, blend, letter name, word, sentence, full stop, question mark, Conjunction

English – Writing

Session 1 : Write letters to Father Christmas – Focus on questions we would like to ask him, punctuating with a question mark.

Session 2:  Christmas Activities – Make a mat for your party place/food

Handwriting: Correct formation of especially themed Christmas words through the use of our 4 formation families.
Complete a dictated sentence: Have a happy Christmas and a good holiday.

English – Reading

  • Read as part of a group. Look at front cover details and explore making predictions, using phonetic knowledge to decode unknown words and to extend vocabulary. Read aloud and look at increasing fluency and use discussion as a group to discuss comprehension.
  • In reading groups, continue to continue on phonic and CEW recognition gaps identified.
  • Whole Class – Planned story sessions each day.

Maths – Seasons, Months and Days

We will be recapping some of the core numberwork skills that we have covered this term, including:
Recall of addition facts within 10
Recognising numbers to 20
Tens and ones practise for teen numbers

We will also be learning the days of the week, months and how to sequence them.

Learning Objectives: 
To know there are 7 days in a week and name them (and spell)
To know there are 12 months in a year and name them
To know there are 4 seasons (See science: cross curricular)

We will also be doing lots of fun Christmas maths to practise our key numberwork skills, such as colour by number addition and dot to dots.

Wider Curriculum

PE- SHINE Outside Session 

Science – Weather -Continue with our weather watch study. Children to use format devised by the class for studies during reading carousel time (Group at a time)

Learning Objectives:
To understand Rondo form and to create a class composition based on this structure.I can compose and perform within a given structure
I can recognise a repeated theme
I can select appropriate timbres to represent an idea.

Class 4-  Max

Class 5- Samuel

Class 6-  Noah

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