Reception – Term 4, Week 5

School trip – Thursday 31st March

We are really looking forward to going on our school trip on Thursday. 

Please make sure your child is wearing suitable shoes and brings a coat. It would be really helpful if you could make a packed lunch for your child (including water in a bottle), however, if you require the school to make a packed lunch, email the school office by Tuesday 29th March. Please ensure any appropriate medication is in school and that a medication form has been filled in.

We shall be leaving school at 10:00am and returning by approximately 3.00pm.

Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel 2022

As a school we have chosen to get involved with the second week of the ‘Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel 2022’, starting on Monday (28th March). This is an active travel competition between schools across the UK where children are encouraged to walk, wheel, scoot or cycle to school once a day. With the weather getting warmer we thought this coming week would be a perfect opportunity for us to try and kick start an active travel initiative! 

On each day of the challenge, schools compete to see who can record the greatest number of pupils walking, using a wheelchair, scooting or cycling to school. As well as this being fun and good for our wellbeing, we also have the opportunity to win some amazing prizes for the school.

To get involved, all you have to do is walk, wheel, scoot or cycle to school once a day. We will record our daily journeys in our classes each morning and celebrate our active travel choices. 
It is very important to us that everyone feels included in this challenge:- You can participate if you are learning from home by completing 30 minutes of physical activity and emailing your class teacher outlining what you have done. – If you drive or get a bus to school, your active journey can be counted if you walk the final 10 minutes of your journey! – If you cannot make an active journey to school, 30 minutes of physical activity can be completed at home or outside of school hours (eg. walking 30 minutes to a ballet class) and logged by emailing your class teacher.
Thank you in advance for your support in kick starting our journey to being more active travellers! 


  • At parents’ evening, some teachers will have recommended that you ask your child questions when they are reading to develop their comprehension. Please click here to view some example questions.
  • Every child needs to bring their book, book bag and reading record into school everyday. 
  • Please do not allow your child to play with the resources on the patio before school (including the mountain and the bikes/scooters). Please pass this on to any adults who bring your child to school.
  • Phonics and letter formation – We are really pleased to be able to share this document with you (click here). The document shows you the Phase 2 phonemes with a description of the corresponding action, the correct letter formation and the image children will associate with the phoneme. The children have been learning these phonemes in their Phonics lessons, so should already be familiar with them. Please use this document to support your child’s letter formation and use the ‘script’ that we use in school to ensure consistency.
  • Please remember to read the phonetically decodable reading book with your child everyday. Reading the same book daily for several days helps to develop fluency and embed phonic knowledge and skills. Please write a positive comment about your child’s reading in their log book everyday. You can click here to access the blog post about reading at Henleaze Infant School and click here to view some of the FAQ’s. Please remember to return your child’s books every Monday as they will swap them for new ones on Mondays.


We have had such a busy week in Reception!

We have been making and launching Rocket Mice using bottles.

The children have been learning that quantities are made up of smaller quantities.

The children have enjoyed learning outside in the lovely sunshine!

We visited the school library for the first time.

Star of the Week

Class 1 – Sienna

Class 2 – Etta

Class 3 – Siena

Evidence Me – Observation request

History – Please help your child to engage with the passing of time by sharing a picture of their 3rd birthday. In class we will talk about what has changed for them and what they can do differently now.

Please click here to view the Evidence Me parents guide.

Week 5 Learning

Click here to access the plans if you are learning at home.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be talking about keeping clean, and reminding children how to wash their hands thoroughly. We will talk about why this is important, especially before eating and after going to the toilet.

Communication and Language

We will continue to read the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. This week, the children will be acting out the story. 

Word of the week: Ramadan

Physical Development

We are going to be using our bodies like jungle animals as we go over, under and through apparatus.We will also be challenging ourselves to leap like leopards and jump like tree frogs from leaf to leaf, practising coordination and balance and jumping. 


Please continue to use the phonics and common exception word grid with your child to practice all the phonemes and ‘CEW’ we have learnt so far. We suggest doing this alongside their daily reading. 

Click here to access our GPC (grapheme phoneme correspondence) and common exception word mat. 

This week we will be mastering previously learnt phonemes from phase 3. 

Please support your child at home to practise their letter formation. Click here to see the correct letter formation and ‘script’ we use in school to support children to form their letters. This will ensure consistency between home and school.

This week we will continue to read with your child either 1:1 or in a small guided reading session. Please continue to read with your child every day to improve their fluency with a text. Ask your child questions about the characters, what they think might happen next and discuss/ explain what they think is happening in the pictures.

Writing –This week we will be retelling the story of ‘Handa’s Surprise.’ For example ‘The monkey took the banana.’


This week, we will be starting to build numbers beyond 10. The children will be encouraged to build and identify numbers to 20 (and beyond) using a range of resources. They will use 10s frames, multilink cubes, numicon and bead strings to support the children to see that larger numbers are composed to full 10s and part of the next 10. We will be providing opportunities for the children to recognise that the numbers 1-9 repeat after every full 10. So they have one full 10 and 1 (11), one full 10 and 2 (12), one full 10 and 3 (13) and so on. 

Understanding the World

We will be using the programmable robots – the Beebots – exploring how to make them move in different directions.

Spring Wonder Walk around the Henleaze schools campus. We will be investigating signs of spring.We will be learning about seasons in places that are different to where we live.

We will be learning about the 5 of the largest animals in Africa.

Religion and Worldviews

This week, we will be assessing children’s learning about “Why are some times special?” with some activities recalling the Jewish celebration of Passover. We will be hearing from a Jewish family in our school community how they celebrate it.

We will also hear about the Muslim special time of Ramadan.

Expressive Arts and Design

This week will be our final Music lesson on ‘Handa’s Surprise’.  We will perform different rhythm patterns as a class, maintaining a pulse within a group performance

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