Term 6 WK 6

Here are some other important dates for your diary (please read as they have been edited since last week):

Please return all school books (reading, reading for pleasure and library books) by Tuesday 4th July. Thank you for your cooperation.

Wednesday 12th July – Year 2 play to parents – 9.30am (please no more than 2 adults per child) 

Wednesday 12th July – School reports to go home

Tuesday 18th July – Year 2 leavers assembly – parents invited

Friday 21st July – Last day of school

This term we will be practising our play ‘The Pied Piper’. Here is a link to all of the songs you can practise at home:




One to one reading will continue to take priority this week alongside play rehearsals. Once reading books have been taken in, children will still be able to access books in school to read at the appropriate level. Any children who are very close to completing the last side of their bookmarks and receiving their head teacher’s award, please just come and see your class teacher.


This week we are linking our English lessons with History and looking at the windrush. We will be learning about the people who made the journey from the Caribbean. We will be learning about the importance of their journey, who helped rebuild our country after the war. This was important for our country but it was also a good opportunity for those who came over.


In our Maths this week we will be recapping measurment. Sessions 1 we will be using the ruler to measure in cm and then using our knowledge of the symbols <, >, = to compare the different lengths. In sessions 2 we will be measuring in ml, carrying out an experiment to see which containers hold less than 100ml, exactly 100ml and more than 100ml. Then in our 3rd lesson we will be measuring different items around our classrooms using kilograms.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World (Topic)


We will start our play rehearsals ready for the big performances on 12th July! If your child has brought home some lines to learn, please help them practise at home. 

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