Year 1 Learning Week 5, Term 1

Last Week’s WOW day 

Thank you for all your efforts last week. We had a great day and it was lots of fun. 

The children drew their own self portraits which we are displaying in our classrooms. It will be interesting to see how much they change throughout the year!


Children will change for their PE sessions so please continue to ensure that children’s named PE kits are in school on their pegs. They need a white T-shirt, black shorts and a change of shoes, pumps or trainers.

As the weather is definitely starting to become more wintery children really need a waterproof coat each day; we will always aim to get outside, whatever the weather.

Key Dates

Thursday 5th October– Y1 School trip to Westonbirt Arboretum- Please let your class teacher know if you would like to volunteer on this trip. If numbers are high we will choose names out of a hat- thank you in advance!! 
Monday 9th October – School closed to children – INSET day
Wednesday 11th October – Individual School Photos
Tuesday 17th October- Phonics learn-along in classes after drop off
Friday 20th October – End of Term 1. Non uniform day. Contributions to FHIS.
Monday 30th October – First Day of Term 2
Tuesday 31st October and Thursday 2nd November – Parents Evenings


Revision of Phase 3 and 4
Teach adding the suffixes: -ed and -er to verbs E.g helped  helper
Applying this to blending for reading and segmenting for spelling


  • Recap what an adjective is and list them to describe Beegu in groups and then formulate as a whole class.
  • Writing sentences about Beegu using adjectives and full stops

We will be looking at our pencil grip closely over the next few weeks. Here is a link to some short videos to support with this: Tripod Pencil Grip

Continuing to focus on our 4 formation families, concentrating on the ‘ladder letters’.

In reading groups and individual readers start by concentrating on phonic recognition gaps identified in assessments.
Whole Class.
Share stories each day. This promotes their listening skills and extends their vocabulary and understanding of language. Time also to discuss characters and adjectives to help stimulate their learning.


We will be finishing our recapping of place value this week and will be focusing on:
-comparing numbers using the language ‘greater than’ ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’, as well as using the symbols < > =.
-ordering non-consecutive numbers by comparing them. 

Wider Curriculum

Class PE- Coordination and footwork.

SHINE PE- Applying coordination and footwork skills in a range of team games.

Geography-  I can describe the features and colours in my local environment. (Classroom and around school)
Draw a map of the classroom/patio area using  labels. Ext. Use a key.

Science-  To know that we have 5 senses which allow us to find out about the world. Use these around the classroom and patio during a scavenger hunt.

PSHETo know how to make sure that my class is a safe place to learn. 

R+WV-  Thinking about people who are special to us and how they make a difference. Beginning to ask questions about different people whilst being respectful. 

Daily Well Being Activities
Tuesday – Take NoticeClose your eyes and imagine you’re in your favourite special place. What can you hear/ see/ feel/ smell?
Wednesday – Be Active Hip hop dance
Thursday – Keep Learning Find out as much information as you can about worlds beyond our own!
Friday – Give Watch Mrs Fricker read the storybook called “Kind”

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