Year 2 Learning. Term 4, Week 5

Explorer Dome

This Week:
This Friday 22nd March Year 2 WOW Day – Space themed. Dress up if you wish! You should have received a request for payment towards our very exciting Explorer Dome experience. Thank you.

Next Week:
We will be asking the children who would like to take part in the Y2 Maypole dancing at the May Fair. If your child brings home a letter it is because they have expressed an interest. We need you to return the letter signed to state that they are able to attend the fair on Saturday 18th May and can commit to the event. Please encourage your child to take part – the more the merrier!

Week 6:
Last day of term will be our famous ‘Year 2 Spring Bonnet Parade’. There will be a small prize for each class for the entry that catches Mrs. Fricker’s eye! Children can decorate hats/caps at home and bring in their entry on the last day of term. This will also be non-uniform day with donations to FHIS.

We will be watching the Year 1 Performance Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday Morning. What a treat!
Session 1: Review the /k/ sound spelt k
Session 2: Review the /w/ sound spelt wh at the beginning of words
Session 3: Review the /f/ sound spelt ph at the beginning of words
CEW to Read then Spell: steak whole where what break phone
Whole Class Writing: Complete Fact Files on Climate Zones using research carried out and range of diagrams and media.
Make labels for models made of Climate Zones to describe main features.
Guided Writing Session – 1:6 with an adult, Focus : Using a picture as stimulus for a discussion and writing sentences using extended vocabulary (inc. adjectives) and conjunctions.
Reading: Non – Fiction Texts Focus

Recognise that non- fiction books are often structured in different ways-identifying features and their purpose.
Retrieve information from non-fiction books using features to help e.g. contents, index, glossary
Explain why information is presented in different ways in non-fiction texts.
Use features of non-fiction books effectively to retrieve detailed information. 

Measure – Capacity
-Compare volume and capacity and understand the meaning of both. 
-Measure in ml and l
-Make estimations of different amounts before measuring

Science Explore the concept of things that are Living, dead or were never alive.
ART Continue making Paper Mache planets. When enough layers of paper have been added, start to paint using colour mixing.
History Assessment task in groups reviewing our understanding of Time lines and whether we can order different events that we have learnt about relatively to each other.
PSHE Healthy Eating. I can make some healthy snacks and explain why they are good for my body
R W+V Assessment Activity – The stories from the Bible that Jesus told to help teach his followers.
PE and SHINE L4 Static Balance
WOW Day Activities – Each class will take part in a session in the Explorer Dome, exploring the Universe!
Computing Termly Internet Safety Session – Having a Healthy balance

Bronze Award
Maple Class – Sienna

Silver Award
Maple Class – Hannah
Sycamore Class – Etta Felix

Maple Class – Ivy
Sycamore Class – Archie

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