Term 1, Week 6, (w.b 05.10.2020)

Celebrations from Week 5

This week in school we have been so exited to hear that a dragon was spotted around Henleaze! The children have been collecting information from eye witnesses and evidence from the playground including; scorched wood, snapped twigs and shiny scales. They created a WANTED poster to try to find the dragon and then the children wrote a set of exciting and adventurous instructions to capture the dragon! We were so impressed with their creative ideas for a dragon trap and how they supported each other as team work bees, to peer review and edit their work!

We also worked extremely hard in maths, using concrete resources to help us build on previous knowledge of number bonds to 10, as well as learn our number bonds to 100. We also used dienes (also called base 10) to add and subtract multiples of 10 from a given number.

It has also been wonderful to see all the home learning from all the children self-isolating this week.


  • FHIS Amazon Wishlist –As a year group we were asked to include items to the wish list. If you are shopping over the next week or so and are able to contribute that would be amazing. Thank you in advance. Click here to go to the Amazon Wishlist.
  • Reminder. Monday 5th October is an INSERVICE day so there will be no children in school that day. Week 6 starts on Tuesday for the children.
  • Tuesday 6th October. 5:15pm An Invitation to a Q and A Zoom about our English and Maths learning in Key Stage 1. (Following on from the information Powerpoint that was sent out last week). There is more information in the newsletter about this event.

Week 6 learning

Don’t forget we have an INSET on Monday (5th October) 


This week in English, we will be starting a new story called ‘The Egg’ by M P Robertson. We will be making predictions about what might happen in the story, writing a description of one of the settings from the book and writing a letter in the first person. We won’t say any more details about the context as we don’t want to give too much away! 

In phonics the children will look at the sounds ue (clue), ph (photo), ew (dew) and oe (toe) and practise using these in our reading and writing of words and then applying those words in sentences. We will also look at the tricky words looked, asked and could.


This week we are going to be continuing to focus on addition and subtraction. We will be adding numbers within 20 using previous knowledge of number bonds, as well as adding and subtracting 2 digit and 1 digit numbers crossing 10 (e.g. 17 + 5 or 17 – 9). To do this, we will be using lots of concrete resources (examples below) to support the children to visualise the concepts and represent them using drawings before completing the abstract number sentence.



This week in science we are going to be learning about everyday materials! We will be considering their different properties and what they can be best for. We will then be going on a materials hunt around the classroom and playground to see if we can sort different items into man-made and natural materials. 

 R.E and art this week will be a collaboration as we will be taking inspiration from Islamic art to be creating our own tessellation pictures.

Stars of the Week

Class 7 Grace

Class 8 Ana

Class 9 Sam

The dragon search continues…

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